Customs clearance service

From first to last, we can help handle customs clearance declaration.

Whatever you want to import or export goods, it is necessary to make import or export declaration to the Customs. Hanshin Logitec can help our customers to handle from shipping to delivery of goods from first to last in an accurate and speedy manner.

Customs clearance flow

輸出時 輸入時

Our customs clearance resolution

  • POINT1

    Follow the schedule strictly

    We closely co-operate with our customers to prepare custom clearance information of which content is checked by our registered customs specialist before custom clearance, keep close contact and update during inspection, and provide all sorts of customs clearance data, so as to strictly maintain the schedule decided by our customers.

  • POINT2

    Lead time shortened

    We continue improving our operation flow powered by long-accumulated know-how. The data link between our customers and us help shorten the lead time of our customers and hence inventory reduction is possible.

  • POINT3

    Comprehensive support

    No matter what kinds of needs our customers have, we always correspond their needs and accurately and smoothly handle the import and export customs clearance. We always pursue the satisfaction of our customers in our service.